Call us, we want to hear from you !!!
The Management team of Power Component Sales, LLC makes that promise to our Customers and Principals:

     Russell Nee, President/CEO 30 years of service

     Michael Belden, Vice President 22 years of service

     Michael Murphy, Distribution Manager - 19 years of service

     Tammy Gow, Office Manager 24 years of service

     Tamra Retallic, Administrative Manager 21 years of service

We are a small company and all of us wear multiple hats. The LLC members, along with our 4 additional employees all contribute to the daily sales effort.
As the second generation ownership, PowerComp follows the tradition of being a well organized Manufacturer's Rep Firm with a continued focus on selling value to customers in related areas. We are stronger than ever and look forward to the next 30 years of growth, improvement and success in New England, Upstate NY and beyond.
For over 30 years PowerComp has been in the business, selling products throughout New England and Upstate New York marketplace. We have nine dedicated employees working full time including five outside sales, one inside sales and three handling customer service and administrative duties. Even with the COVID pandemic, we all continue to engage our customers remain healthy.

As a professional sales organization with many years of experience and proven internal systems in place, we eager to assist small businesses from 3 300 employees become more efficient and increase their productivity.

PowerComp Systems will always strive to offer a complementary line card to meet the needs of businesses with 3 300 employees as they face the challenges in 2021 and beyond.
Representing Suppliers that increase productivity for Companies from 3 to 300 Employees.